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Advisory Council

The Scholarship in 3D Digital Publishing Cooperative is provided strategic guidance through it’s Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is a non-voting body within the Cooperative that provides advice, insight, recommendations, and suggestions to the Cooperative and Member Presses. The Cooperative’s Board of Directors appoints members of the Advisory Council.

Co-Chair John Clarke
University of Texas at Austin

Madeleine Casad
Vanderbilt University

Hannah Scates Kettler
University of Iowa

Lisa Lamont
San Diego State University Library

Tara McPherson
Univ of Southern California / Scalar / ANVC

Jennifer Moore
Washington University in St. Louis

Lynn Ramey
Vanderbilt University

Madelyn Wessel
Cornell University

Deidre Whitmore
UCLA / Cotsen Institute Press

Costas Papadopoulos
Co-PI | Maastricht University

Susan Schreibman
Co-PI | Maastricht University

Elaine Sullivan
Co-PI | University of California, Santa Cruz