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Advisory Council

The Scholarship in 3D Digital Publishing Cooperative is provided strategic guidance through it’s Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is a non-voting body within the Cooperative that provides advice, insight, recommendations, and suggestions to the Cooperative and Member Presses. The Cooperative’s Board of Directors appoints members of the Advisory Council.

Co-Chair John Clarke
University of Texas at Austin

Co-Chair Eric Poehler
UMass Amherst

Madeleine Casad
Vanderbilt University

Hannah Scates Kettler
University of Iowa

Lisa Lamont
San Diego State University Library

Tara McPherson
Univ of Southern California / Scalar / ANVC

Jennifer Moore
Washington University in St. Louis

Lynn Ramey
Vanderbilt University

Madelyn Wessel
Cornell University

Deidre Whitmore
UCLA / Cotsen Institute Press

Costas Papadopoulos
Co-PI | Maastricht University

Susan Schreibman
Co-PI | Maastricht University

Elaine Sullivan
Co-PI | University of California, Santa Cruz