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Board of Directors

The Scholarship in 3D Digital Publishing Cooperative is overseen by a Board of Directors that ensures the Cooperative meets its goals. The Board of Directors is the only decision-making body within the Cooperative, and appoints the Cooperative’s Advisory Council, a non-voting body providing advice, insight, recommendations, and suggestions to the Cooperative and Member Presses.

The Board of Directors is composed of one representative from each Member Press, along with PI Angel David Nieves and Co-PI Lisa M. Snyder.

Angel David Nieves
PI | San Diego State University

Lisa M. Snyder
Co-PI | University of California, Los Angeles

Mick Gusinde-Duffy 
Co-PI | University of Georgia Press

Jeremy Morse
Michigan Publishing

Willeke Wendrich
Cotsen Institute Press

Alison Syring Bassford
University of Illinois Press

Marti Huetink
Brill Publishers

William Nericcio
San Diego State University Press

Friederike Sundaram
Stanford University Press